Program structure 2017

The program of the project will be divided by themes into many individual parts, which will happen in 15 separate areas (salons). The program will take place in all of the saloons at the same time, so that the visitor will have a wide offer to choose from.

PROGRAM will be here 15.8.2017

The schedule and titles of presentations are subject to change. Also we will include some movie and presentation titles with the names of the lectors later.

Accompanying programs

  • Movies - Screening
  • Opening ceremony
  • Main program
  • Cosplay – a competition in the best costume of a comic, anime, games of film character
  • Karaoke – singing competition
  • Drawing competitions – Fan-Art
  • The COMICS SALON award for best anime, manga, and achievement of the year
  • Tombola

Comics SALÓN 2017

Comics Salon

  • Movies - Screening
  • Lectures on comics and manga
  • Screenings of the latest film adaptations of comics
  • A chance to get autographs from famous Slovak artists (Maxon, Pilcerová)
  • A gallery of the best paintings
  • workshops about drawing
  • Local an foreign authors
  • A rich assortment of works of different genres, visually related to comics.

Anime Salon and Manga Salon

  • 2 screening rooms. 30 hours of Anime titles.
  • Lectures on anime, its genres, history, particular titles, famous authors, companies and music composers.
  • AnimeQuiz
  • Little sketches introducing, or commentating the screened anime-titles
  • AMV (Anime Music Video)

Japan Salon

  • Lectures on Japanese culture and traditions (kimonos, katanas, arts of fighting, cooking, music)
  • Screening of Japanese films
  • Discussions with guests about Japan
  • Bonsai arranging
  • Origami workshop
  • GO - japanese game - presentation & tournament
  • SHOGI - japanese chess

Games Salon

  • Demonstrations of the newest Japanese games
  • Free PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable gaming
  • SLOVAK CHAMPIONSHIP in PlayStation and Xbox 360 GAMES tournament 2011
  • PC Cup (Warcraft 3 a Counter-Strike)
  • PSP Challenge
  • Lectures and discussions with guests about games and the gaming history
  • SingStar, EyeToy, Buzz, Dance Dance Revolution

IstroCON 2017

Fantasy Salón

  • Lectures and workshops about Fantasy and Horor
  • Screening of new blockbusters - Scifi a Fantasy
  • Tolkien
  • Harry Potter

LARP Salón

  • Lectures
  • Workshop
  • Live LARPs
  • Tournaments

Sci-fi Salón

  • Lectures and workshops about Sci-fi
  • Screening of new blockbusters - Scifi
  • Star Trek
  • Stargate SG-1
  • Stargate Atlantis
  • Battlestar Galactica
  • Heroes
  • Babylon 5
  • Star Wars
  • Lost
  • Firefly
  • Futurama
  • Eureka

Pop Culture Salon

  • Lectures a workshops
  • Screening of cult movies
  • Dexter
  • IT Crowd
  • Big Bang Theory
  • Black Books
  • CSI
  • Kosti
  • MASH

Card and Table games

  • Anime, Manga and Comics sale
  • Playing of card games as Pokemon, World of Warcraft, Yu-gi-oh, Magic: The Gathering
  • Playing of board games Carcassonne, Osadnici z Katanu, Bang, Citadela...
  • Warhammer miniatures
  • A tournament in Magic: The Gathering

Brloh Salon

  • Anime, Manga and Comics, Scifi and Fantasy literature for sale

TEA Salon

  • A tea room
  • A tea ceremony

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